A unique technological innovation from the alliance of the mineral and plant worlds

From the deepest rocks of the Matterhorn, Swiss Mineral Cosmetics has successfully extracted a fine selection and preparation of active ingredients rich in minerals and trace elements with ancestral and essential skincare properties. This subtle and unprecedented blend of extremely fine rock particles, tougher than traditional exfoliants, encourages cell renewal.

Unique to Switzerland and recently discovered by the Swiss Mineral Cosmetics team, Thlaspi sylvium Gaudin grows exclusively in the vicinity of the Matterhorn. This Alpine plant, commonly known as “Matterhorn Pennycress”, as yet unused in cosmetic products, is a real goldmine in terms of antioxidants, vital ingredients that help the skin to protect itself and slow down cellular ageing.

This duo, combined with Swiss glacier water, is supplemented by Alpine plant extracts recognised for their purifying, protective and antioxidant properties, such as the Arolla Pine, Edelweiss, Rhododendron and Watercress shoots.

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