General sales conditions

The current general sales conditions apply with every purchase of productsmadeon the online shopon the Swiss Mineral Cosmetics website (; they outlinethe scope of our responsibility obligationsregarding supply of the Products. Pursuant to the applicable national laws, no guarantee or terms and conditions other than those mentioned in these Sales Conditionsapply with us. In particular, it is not our responsibility to verify that the Products are adapted to what you intend to use them for.

The online shopis operated by the company Swiss Mineral Cosmetics, PO Box 124, 3920 Zermatt. Version 2019; published and applicable from 6 December 2019. The masculine form of“client”used hereinafterof couse designates female clients as well as male ones. The online product offersare validif they are visible on the site and subject to the limits of available stock. The images are on the site for illustration purposes only and are not part of the contractual conditions. All information in catalogues, advertising flyers and other documents written/published by Swiss Mineral Cosmetics is for indicative ends only, and are only“invitations to enter into a commercial relationship/negotiate”; they are not veritable offerson the part of Swiss Mineral Cosmetics concerning supply of the Products. The company Swiss Mineral Cosmetics accepts no responsibility forany errors or omissions which may be found in illustrations, images or diagrams or in such catalogues, flyers and other documents as mentioned above.

During all sales conducted on the online shop, the parties in a sales contact shall communicateby electronic means (a visit on the online shop, sending emails or electronic mail), and you will see that all contracts, notifications and electronic communications of information and other types of exchangeare compliant with legal provisions, which demand that such exchanges be carried out in writing.

All product orderssignify acceptance on the part of the buyerof these general sales conditions.

The company Swiss Mineral Cosmetics accepts no responsibility for the following :

– Any kind of site interruption
– Any occurrence of bugs
– Any damage resultingfrom anyfraudulent intrusion by a third party which has led to modification to the information that is made available on the site
– Any kind of direct or indirect damage in a more general sense, whatever the cause, origin, nature or consequence, including in particular loss of profits, clientele, data orany other loss of intangible propertywhich may occur following anyone accessing the site or any impossibility to access itor from the credence attributed to any information arising directly or indirectly from impossibility to access the site. We cannot be held responsible in the case of any transmission of false or erroneous information or in the event of any modifications with productsafter they have been delivered.

Purchasing/sale  conditions
To purchase products on this site, you must satisfy the following conditions :

– Be a physical person
– Be of the age of majority on the day of the order
– Have full legal capacity
– Be the owner or authorised userof a valid credit or debit card
– State yourcomplete personal details (addressandbankdetails)
– The MATTERHORN productsavailable on the online shopwww.swissmineralcosmetics.chwill be delivered exclusively in Switzerland.

Products shall be deliveredto the delivery address indicated on the order confirmation.
Products will beshippedwithin a standarddelivery time (2-5 workingdays).

Product refunding
The right to retract goodsis exclusively reserved for clients who have purchased products on the online shop on the site www.swissmineralcosmetics.chwith said products being intended exclusively for personal useas a consumer.

The client is responsible for checking merchandise immediately after its delivery. The client will have a deadline of 7 calendar daysupon receipt of the merchandisein which to send an emailor letteroutlining any complaints for any defectsor non-conformitiesaccompanied by the reason for the return. The legal provisions governing complaints (art. 201 CO) apply.

Any dispute will in no case relieve the client of their payment obligation.

Replacements or refunds will be processed upon receipt of the defective or non-conforming merchandise. Replacements must be made within a period of 30 days, with the appropriate crediting to your payment card.

Return conditions
– Products must be returned by post (in the original packaging, unused, clean, complete and undamaged) to the following address: Swiss Mineral Cosmetics – PO Box 124 – 3920 Zermatt. They must be accompanied by the relevant delivery note. Shipping costs are the responsibility of the client, who shall also bear any shipping-related risk.
– If any given purchased product is part of a batch, the whole batch must be sent back in the same packaging.
– Items which have been damaged or soiled by the client are, as a matter or principle, not re-accepted.

Conclusion of the Order Contract
The products and pricesstated in the online shop constitute an offer. However, such an offer is always subject to the conditionthat the delivery is possible and that the stated price is free of errors. The contract is concluded as soon as the client places their order with the company Swiss Mineral Cosmetics. All orders state that the client agrees, without restriction or reservation, to these general sales conditions by ticking the box provided for this purpose during the order process. Receipt of the order will be confirmed to the client by an automatically generated emailsent to the address that the client has provided. The automatically generated order confirmation emaildoes not constituteany guarantee of availability or delivery. It merely states to the client that the company Swiss Mineral Cosmetics has in fact received their orderand that the contract is concluded, provided that the delivery is possible. An order will become definitiveonly after ithasbeenacceptedby Swiss Mineral Cosmetics. The companySwissMineral Cosmetics reserves the right to refuse a client’s order. The amount of an order is limitedto CHF 2,500.00. In adddition, the same product reference cannot be orderedfor a quantity of articles greater than 4.

The price invoiced is the price indicatedon the order confirmation addressed to the client, in Swiss francs (CHF). All products must be paid for in advance. All payment transactions are done in a secure environment, with the application of the highest security standard (https://). The data registered by the company Swiss Mineral Cosmetics constitutes proof of all the transactions undertaken between Swiss Mineral Cosmetics and its clients. The data registered by the payment systemconstitutes the proof of the financial transactions. The following payment methods are available to the client to pay for their order: bank transfer, PostFinance

Cancellation Clause :
Any failure on the part of the clientto fulfill one of their obligations (in whole or in part), and any non-respect of any payment deadline,may, at Swiss Mineral Cosmetics’ option, lead to an immediate demand that any and all outstanding amounts be paid, or the suspension of any delivery, or the termination of existing contracts.

Applicable Law and Disputes
This contact is subject to Swiss law.

Legal Jurisdiction
The courts of the Canton of Valais, Switzerland.

Modifications to the General Sales Conditions
Swiss Mineral Cosmetics may update these General Sales Conditions at any time. The General Sales Conditions in forcecan be viewed at any moment under the heading“General Sales Conditions”, which can be accessed via all the pages on the site.